Case Studies & White Papers

From here you can access a range of white papers that discuss the topic of contract lifecycle, performance management of contracts and suppliers, and the benefits of a streamlined approach to both of these.

Whilst most of these white papers are readily available in the public domain, some have been written specifically for circulation within the contract management communities.

Remarkable progress has been made in public sector cutbacks; reducing headcount, rationalising property, focusing on the things that matter, increasing productivity and removing unnecessary overheads. The likely

Jos Creese

CEO, CCL and Advice Cloud Strategic Client Advisor

The New Life Church is a large charitable community, comprising a church, conference facilities, night shelter and office space. We run a multitude of contracts to manage areas such as health and safety, facilities,

Dave Eyeington


The New Life Church

Cirris is a global company that has been making cable and wiring harness test equipment for 30 years. We work in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, medical and motor racing, and count British Aerospace

Dave Morris

Managing Director


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