Solution & Key Features

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What do I get with Contract Sentinel?

  • Most advanced contract performance solution on the market
  • Most advanced AI/ML contract capture platform
  • askelie conversational AI to navigate and manage contract process

Easy tracking.

At last, one solution that tracks risk, cost and operational performance for contracts & services. Covering key agreement dates, legal clauses & milestones. The platform has built-in cost & performance trackers and auto alerting

Plan effectively.

Understand the entire business contract commitment see supplier relationships in one easy view covering end dates, exit clauses, costs & performance.

Manage complex multi-vendor contracts. Design & monitor service based contract supplier landscape

Managing Contract and Information assets is complex and expensive. Managing performance of those contracts is even harder.

Contract Sentinel is the most advanced Contract & performance solution on the market. Its all you need to get control of all contracts, polices & agreements in an efficient, collaborative and low cost manner.

Our Features & Benefits