How to buy

Try for free

Pay for the onboarding of agreements, contracts, policies and training and we let you use the application for 6 months free of charge

Send us 50 contracts at no cost we will create an instance then let you try out the system for 30 days FOC

SaaS Pricing

SaaS pricing

Multiple & Flexible pricing option by Contract, by user by query all with built in billing clarity and spend control

Fixed Price Site Licence:

  • Micro - £6k pa
  • SMB- £12k pa
  • Large - £24K PA
  • Corporate licence - multicompany - £48K PA

Buying Contract Sentinel is easy. CS is a SaaS solution.

  • Annual subscription charge

    Pricing ranges from £12,000 to £24,000 PA for SME to a group subscription. Annual fee covers all infrastructure, unlimited users, 500 contracts PA via cloud capture platform, 1,000 askelie queries

  • Additional capture volumes

    Fee per document captured from 20 pence per contract and 3p per supporting document such as indemnity policies, NDA's, invoices etc

    • Additional volume for askelie is at 10p per query
    • API calls FOC

Why not try CS for free? Pay only for documents captured after the first 50 contracts if you are not happy after 3 months then simply turn off the system! If happy then subscribe to the service